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Separate Account

According to Pilot Measures for Fund Management Company Specific-client Asset Management Business (CSRC Decree No. 83), Specific-client Asset Management Services refer to activities in which a PRC fund management company raises funds from specific clients or accepts the asset entrustment of specific clients to be their asset manager, places the entrusted assets under the trusteeship of a custodian institution, and invests the entrusted assets for seeking interest for asset trustors.

As per relevant rules & regulations, QFII/RQFIIs are allowed to invest in Single/Multi-client Asset Management Schemes (“separate account”) managed by mutual fund management companies in China. The investment universe of separate accounts are subject to the range of investment instruments for QFIIs as permitted by CSRC

China Southern is the first to have successfully set up a single-client asset management scheme for QFII.