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Investment Procedure


Conduct in-depth industry and company research

Rate on assets and securities

Provide recommendation to Investment Committee, Chief Investment Officer and fund managers

Build up and maintain a basic stock pool

Fund Managers

Establish an investment plan according to economic trend, stock market performance and research proposals provided by analysts

Report to Investment Committee

Chief Investment Officer

Check the investment plan of funds and portfolios

Make recommendations to the investment committee

Provide supervision and management of fund managers

Investment Committee

Examine and approve the investment plans regarding asset allocation, key industry allocation, bond duration allocation, credit product configuration etc

Fund Managers

Build investment portfolio according to the fund contract

Manage portfolios actively

Grasp the macroeconomic and credit risk accurately

Rebalance the portfolio according to the market dynamics

Risk Control Personnel

Take responsibility in identifying, assessing the risks of funds and investment portfolios

Take appropriate measures to minimize risk when necessary